Fit Homes

dif 2016

We are delighted to be participating in 3 open mic events with dif (Disruptive Innovation Festival).

Our first event will be on the 22 of November at 14:00 till 15:00 and we will be discussing the Fit Homes project with Lucy Fraser Head of Innovation at Albyn Housing Society and Professor Angus Watson Head of R&D at NHS Highland. To watch the event follow this link

Then on the 24th at 14:00-15:00 we will be addressing how different the construction industry needs to look in the future and how the educational systems that support it have an opportunity to transform in anticipation. This discussion will explore the work that Alison Watson Managing Director of Class of Your Own and Dr Robert Hairstans Head of COCIS at Edinburgh Napier University are doing with their respective programmes of Design Engineer Construct! (DEC) and the Built Environment Exchange (beX)

And finally we will be joined by Martin McDonnell Chairman of the Soluis group to discuss 'A Vision for an Entirely Digital Construction Industry (& making it happen). You can view this session here:

Digital Construction Week 2016

Carbon Dynamic were invited to speak at Digital Construction Week in London held at the Business Design Centre. DCW is now in it's second year and provides a platform for companies big and small to come together and explore the latest innovations in digitally enabled design and construction. 

Our designer Mike Findlater was invited to speak at the Digital In Action stand to discuss the benefits of Co-Design using the HTC Vive VR Headset. In partnership with Soluis we were able to create a digital tool which allows participants to experience our flagship project the Fit Home, in a fully immersive way. This benefited the design team greatly as they were able to quickly make detailed and informed decisions on the design of the space based on the direct feedback from end users. 

This level of detail and feedback is invaluable when dealing with a project such as the Fit Home which is a technology enabled, highly flexible home designed to adapt and adjust over time as the users needs change. This makes for a very challenging brief as considerations have to be made for a whole variety of medical and social conditions which may arise throughout the users life, stepping up to this challenge wouldn't have been possible without co-design and more importantly virtual reality enabled co-design. 

The Fit Home project is the result of a partnership between Carbon Dynamic, Albyn Housing Association and NHS Highland and it's first phase is due for delivery in the spring of 2017 to a site in Alness.

Fit House

We are developing a housing solution that will enable people to maintain a sense of wellbeing throughout their life.  The “Fit House” concept is a technology enabled smart house that promotes wellbeing and preventative health solutions up to and including end of life care.

The concept supports residents to take charge of their own wellbeing. At the same time they can meet their health needs through a system of innovative technology and design.  They will be able to both self-manage their support and have enhanced face to face social interaction.  

The "Fit House" is a home for life, not just an end of life solution.  The technology enables young people to maintain a sense of wellbeing and morphs as the person responds to the physical and mental changes that life brings.