+ What is Carbon Dynamic’s Eco-Lodge Range?

At Carbon Dynamic we design and manufacture beautiful timber modular buildings with exceptional levels of insulation, providing cost effective, low energy buildings using locally sourced and sustainable materials. The Eco-Lodge Range is a family of standard units, designed around our core values, that seek to cater for most needs of our customers – be that for holiday homes, business holiday lets, granny flats and a multitude of other purposes.

+ What are the main benefits of modular builds?

There are a number of benefits to modular builds, which include: Time: On average, a modular building is constructed 50% quicker than one using conventional methods.

Weather: As the major parts of construction are carried out in a factory, modular builds don’t run the risk of being hampered adverse weather conditions.

Health & Safety: Carrying out construction work in a factory environment allows greater control of health and safety standards throughout the build process.

Quality: Being able to better control all parts of the construction process within a factory environment allows us to ensure we achieve the highest quality standards.

Environmentally Friendly: Our modular builds are more energy efficient, generate less waste and promote an increased use of sustainable materials. The overall design of our modular buildings naturally reduces the overall carbon footprint of the finished product – potentially to zero.

Community Friendly: Conventional building projects typically create more noise, traffic, mess and disruption. The factory environment allows us to better control these impacts.

Affordable Living: Once completed, our modular buildings cost less to live in than conventional builds – heating demands are lower and maintenance costs are negligible.

Adaptable: Modular buildings can be easily expanded, relocated or repurposed.

+ How long do modular buildings last?

Our units are designed to a standard which is superior to - and is anticipated to exceed the lifespan and general performance of - conventionally constructed homes.

+ Do I need Planning Permission?

Our Eco-Lodge Range is specifically designed to not require planning permission in the majority of cases, subject to the specific use and circumstance. We would be happy to help guide you through this.

+ Do I need a Building Warrant?

No, you do not need a building warrant for our Eco-Lodge range in most circumstances however, should you wish, we can configure the units to be fully building warrant compliant.

+ What are the sizes of your standard modules?

We have created our Eco-Lodge Range to suit almost every need, including: • Studio A studio unit designed for two people. • One Bed, 2 Person A compact one bedroom unit designed for two people. • One Bed, 2-4 Person A one bedroom unit with a separate lounge / occasional second bedroom which would suit two to four people. • Two Bed, 4 Person A two bedroom unit suitable for four people. • Two Bed, 4 Person + A generous two bedroom unit with en-suite master bedroom, suitable for four people.

+ Can I have a modular home in a remote location?

Modular homes are the ideal choice for remote locations and we have an envied track record in delivering units to some of the most remote geographic locations in the UK.

+ How far do you deliver?

We can deliver almost anywhere -from the remote Highlands and Islands of Scotland, across mainland UK, to anywhere in mainland Europe and beyond.

+ How easy will it be to relocate my lodge?

Our modular buildings are designed to be readily repurposed and repositioned with minimum effort.

+ Can I customise the Eco-Lodge unit to suit my needs?

Within our Eco-Lodge Range, you can choose from a number of layout configurations and a variety of client choices, including floor finishes, wall finishes and kitchen unit colours. Should you have particular requirements, then we are able to bring your ideas to life through our bespoke design service.

+ How long does it take to install a lodge?

Our Eco-Lodges can be installed in as little as a day onto prepared foundations

+ How energy efficient are Carbon Dynamic Eco-Lodges?

Our Eco-Lodges have a very high performing building fabric which significantly exceeds building regulations as standard due to the air tight, super-insulated and thermal bridge free design.

+ How quickly could I have a modular building finished and ready for delivery to site?

You could have your Eco-Lodge complete and ready for delivery to site in as little as four weeks from point of confirmed client choices.

+ Where can I find prices?

Please email us at “” and we will get in touch so that we can provide a formal quotation.

+ What are the standard payment terms?

As standard we would seek: 20% placement of formal order, 20% on commencement of construction work in our factory, 50% at point of dispatch / delivery from our factory, and 10% on handover to you.

+ Does VAT apply?

In almost all circumstances, our Eco-Lodge Range is zero rated for VAT.

+ Are your Eco-Lodges mortgageable?

Yes, our Eco-Lodges are mortgageable subject to terms and conditions. We recommend you seek independent financial advice and we would be happy to refer you to someone should you wish.

+ If I’m planning to buy a modular home for holiday letting, can I still get a buy to let mortgage?

Buy-to-let mortgages usually exclude short-term lets, because lenders have historically found them complicated and risky. However, the market is now responding to the increase in short term lets though online marketplaces such as Airbnb, with some lenders – including Foundation Home Loans and other smaller mutual lenders - offering specialist mortgages. You should take independent financial advice on this, although we would be happy to refer you to someone should you need.

+ The standard configurations don’t quite meet what I’m looking for, are bespoke designs available?

Yes, should you have particular requirements that aren’t met by our Eco-Lodge Range, then we would be happy to discuss with you further and bring your ideas to life through our bespoke design service.

+ I’m interested in taking this further, so what’s the next step?

If you would like to know more about any of our units in the Eco-Lodge Range – or from our bespoke service offering – then please do not hesitate to contact us on “”. A member of our dedicated and experienced team will get back to you, typically endeavour to deal with your request within two working days.