An Introduction to Carbon Dynamic

Carbon Dynamic is a world leader in sustainable timber manufacture. At Carbon Dynamic we design and manufacture beautiful timber modular buildings with exceptional levels of insulation, airtightness and sustainability. We’re dedicated to delivering social, environmental and economic impact and we do this by providing cost effective, low energy buildings using locally-sourced healthy and sustainable materials. 



Modular Design

This allows us to prefabricate large sections off-site in a controlled workshop, which not only speeds up manufacturing time but also insures the quality can be regulated and that we are not subjected to the worst of Scotland's weather.

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We operate our Design for Manufacture and Assembly strategy using Building Information Modelling.


Offsite Manufacture

By manufacturing in a controlled factory environment the building process is highly efficient and, depending on the layout and specification, our buildings are between 85% and 95% complete when they leave the factory



We have developed a set of guidelines that ensures that your building is designed so it can be easily and efficiently manufactured in our 4000m2 factory with minimum effort, time and cost to you.

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Virtual Reality driven Co-Design is a part of our innovative approach to design and manufacture. Allowing end user to engage with immersive realised environments to visualize their dream property.

Delivered on Site

On average, buildings can be installed on site in just a few hours, making it an exciting  and seamless process with minimal impact on neighbours. Completion of your project takes a matter of days. We can deliver anywhere.


Eco Friendly

Compared to traditional site based construction, we can monitor our wastage and re-use off cut materials.


Modular Building Construction


At Carbon Dynamic we take a modular approach to our buildings. This allows us to prefabricate large sections off-site in a controlled workshop environment, which not only speeds up construction time but also insures quality as the buildings can be regulated and are not subjected to the worst of Scotlands weather. When it does arrive on site it is possible to erect the building quickly and move in the same day. The modules are designed in such a way as to help you create your desired layout with many possibilities.