At Carbon Dynamic we have been developing both VR and AR tools to better inform our design and manufacture process. We feel that this has huge potential and can greatly impact the way in which we design and build.

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Virtual reality

We have been developing our VR tools to create photorealistic experiences. This allows for our designers and clients to visualise a project before a single piece of wood has bee cut. This is an invaluable step in our design process as it can inform so much of the design, we have successfuly run a co-design workshop with over a 100 participants on our Fit Homes project which had a great impact on the design process.

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Augmented Reality

In partnership with Sublime we have been looking at developing AR as a tool for manufacture. The Augmented Worker system will be designed to drive greater certainty, safety, efficiency and sustainability through five key areas – co-design, digital job guidance, progress monitoring, safety guidance and asset management. This will allow jobs to be delivered on time, and within budget, whilst also giving a greater level of collaboration and communication between teams.


Our use of realtime rendering engines has allowed us to create incredibly detailed visualisations of projects. The added benefit of this is that it allows our clients to take their time and explore their build in either a first person controlled version or the full emersion that VR offers before manufacture has begun.


By using VR it enables us to work alongside our end users to greatly inform the design. We can get instant feedback on the smallest of details which we can then feedback into our next stage of design. By using this we are also able to swap out elements with relative ease allowing you to realise your dream build.

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Augmented Worker

By providing instant access to all available data about a project, overlaid digitally on your vision, AWE will allow everyone involved in a project (from client > design team > construction team > maintenance operation team to all other stakeholders) to make better decisions and work more efficiently at all stages of a project.


The Augmented Worker

Working in partnership with Sublime, who have pioneered this technology in construction, we are developing the Augmented Worker System (AWE) enabling the intelligent design, construction, maintenance and whole-life value of construction buildings.

We believe the industry will be able to deliver faster builds to a higher quality with fewer defects and more sustainable buildings with the use of AWE. The specific benefits of AWE include: reducing waste of materials and time; ensuring the integrity of the final build; greater consistency across construction sites; enhanced worker training; improved construction quality.

AWE as a whole will also create tools to enable us to achieve faster builds, higher quality outputs with fewer defects. It will also improve information exchange, project planning, health and safety procedures, construction methods, quality checks and maintenance requirements; resulting in sustainable gains in productivity. The system will be created by considering the current processes delivering modular, off-site construction and digitising and optimising these processes

The key tools we are developing are: (1) Real-time co-design & Engagement; (2) Digital job guidance and skills development; (3) Process monitoring and quality control; (4) Onsite visualisation & planning; (5) Asset management and maintenance.


Below you can see some examples of some of our projects produced for VR. You can interact with the models, for easier control you can go to settings, navigation and switch to "First Person" for keyboard input controls. If you happen to have a VR headset which is compatible with your phone you can also "view in VR" for a more immersive experience.